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Why Is Finding Love So Difficult In 2021?

Despite people generally resenting online dating, we also feel compelled to use it as if no other option exists. Overall loneliness is on the rise too, as we become more socially disconnected. A recent Pew Survey found most people think that dating sucks and a lot of people have just stopped looking for love. It’s no wonder 28% of men under 30 haven’t had sex in the last year, an all-time high for men of that age group compared to anytime in history. And, this isn’t just me listing a few anecdotes. Research shows that people simply aren’t dating, committing, or marrying as much.

AB, Most women nowadays are so very mean and nasty to many of us single men for no reason at all, especially when we will try to start a conversation with them. Hi Jonathan – When I read your first paragraph about solution and not blaming women, I actually got excited to see what you have to offer because I am a believer in solutions and not whining. But as I read through your entire article patiently, all I see was bashing men. I am not sure how you are dating coach for men if you are only holding men accountable and projecting women as perfect. While I agree women shouldn’t be blamed but should neither men. That said you did speak some truth and dating stats.

Privacy is something the modern psyche almost demands to keep sane. Check out the photo on the right, taken from a real Tinder account by us…25,000 likes on Tinder. Also refer back to the study I mentioned above where women can get hundreds of likes in a few hours. The Western world today is more disconnected than ever. Most people don’t know their neighbors, have few friends, and wouldn’t even know where to find community events.

If we can learn to master an art form, a sport or earn a prestigious degree, we can surely learn how to build healthy relationships. We need to understand that we’re all accountable to each other in this life and that our happiness is dependent on our ability to care for one another. Even just small talk to pass the time, they make it hard with their millennials language. At one event in Toronto, I went by myself, it was a good cause, was single.

The intention is that you would get the hint and back off yourself. Women and men typically get caught up in different things, but both things center on whatever you’re attracted to and/or value. Whatever sparks you, the point is, usually when that match is lit? The dancing flame becomes the distraction that causes you to dismiss a lot of the signs that could have saved you from being disappointed at the end.

You forget that while new people are signing up every single day, it doesn’t guarantee to take effect to your account in real-time. In a perfect world, everyone would quite literally be the same, making the decision easy. But when you’re equally indecisive about more than one person to choose, at that point no one will be enough and the practical answer is choosing none.

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